mugshotHi! I’m Celly’s newest hire Thomas Schreiber. My story starts a number of years ago as a political activist. I would spend a lot of time thinking about social justice, and my belief that every individual has a right to their own self-determination. This lead me to a tension between my feeling of responsibility to the dispossessed of the world, and a rejection of institutions that take away others choice by directing them in the method of best “fixing” their lives. Then one day, I realized that Gutenberg was able to provide new methods of organizing and a growth in literacy around the world by inventing the printing press. In the same way Marconi gave us all a way to make our voices heard over vast distances with the radio. The Internet and new mobile technologies have created a moment in time where it is once again become possible to provide a tool to help others help themselves. This is the realization that lead me to pursue a degree in Computer Science, the impetus for learning web technologies, and the fuel for my enthusiasm to join Celly.

My few days so far at Celly have been really exhilarating. I keep learning about new tech and the interesting ways that we are putting it to use. The service we provide is rich with opportunity, and my muse is constantly whispering in my ear about neat new ways it can be used. I look forward to the opportunity to help make the Celly platform more open for developers to adapt to their various and diverse needs by working with the open source community. I’m so excited to join Celly, and I plan on putting my development skills to good use here.

Spending some time in the Portland office has proved it to be like a second home. I look forward to coming in everyday, meeting with the Celly team, and being part of the great dynamic in the office. It is clear there is something special going on here.

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