We’re proud to be featured today in the business section of our local newspaper, The Oregonian. Many thanks to The Oregonian for covering Celly.

We’re so grateful to our many Portland Metro area champions. As a mobile social networking platform, there are diverse Celly applications. Locally, Celly has been used for:


The Mayor’s Office of Youth Violence Prevention has used Celly since last June to mobilize gang outreach workers in realtime. The Gang Violence Task Force also utilizes Celly to coordinate its public safety network @safepdx. Members of  Celly include the Portland Police Bureau, the Bureau of Emergency Management, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and Multnomah County’s Department of Corrective Justice. Celly is the first social sharing platform approved by the City Attorney for use by Portland City workers.


Celly is being used by educators, parents, coaches, teams, bands, and students at Westview, Beaverton, Southridge, etc.. School district administrators are piloting the use of Celly for school closure alerts. Celly is being used at Portland Public School district where we recently worked with PPS administration to form a network of cells that includes all 95 schools in the district. This network will enable PPS administration to broadcast school alerts like closures and reminders. At Roosevelt High School, administrators have utilized Celly for parent notification alerts. At Grant High, teachers have used Celly for enriching classroom instruction. At Jefferson High, Celly has been used for community engagement. At Helensview, administrators are using Celly for student/staff/parent communication. At the HackForPortlandSchools.com event in June, we developed a donation service that lets people text GIVE to 23559 (C-E-L-L-Y) or scan a QR code and then pick one of five ways to give to Portland schools—books, time, money, clothes, food.


Local hospitals are using Celly for security event coordination and emergency response management. Upon detecting a crisis situation, hospital staff can use Celly to instantly notify team leaders who in turn disseminate information to their department members with situational guidance like patient care instructions. Celly has been used across a variety of city-wide incidents and has helped caregivers stay informed in realtime.

Political Movements

Locally, thousands of participants have used Celly to organize ad-hoc working cells for staying in touch and rallying just-in-time support for political activism like Occupy Portland or for local candidate support.

Parks and Neighborhoods

Celly is being used in Portland parks for foot patrols and by faith-based community watch groups. Celly has also educated the City of Beaverton’s Neighborhood Watch programs.

Future for the Portland Metro area

Since we launched Celly, one of our goals has been to help make the Portland Metro area an example of how technology can positively and equitably transform civic life. As a Portland startup, we are passionate about utilizing cellphones to make Portland the most engaged place in the world. Our city and region have the unique confluence of leadership, motivation, social consciousness, and technical know-how to be the most connected metropolitan area in the world. The Portland Metro area is a special place where this can happen. And our local businesses can potentially help rewrite the operating rules on corporate responsibility and sustainability. Let’s do it The Portland Way—by building socially responsible and sustainable technology ventures with giveback to schools and communities imprinted into the DNA of our business strategy and operations.

Very sincerely

Team Celly

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