3f1bc4dHi, I’m Jeremy Lawrence, a new developer at Celly. I’m incredibly excited to be joining the team here in beautiful Portland, OR. Though I have only been in the office for a short time, I have experienced great kindness from everyone here and felt immediately welcome to the Celly family. I graduated from college last year with a desire to find a job where I could both learn new things to better myself, and to exploit my new knowledge to help others. I believe that I have found an opportunity to achieve both of these goals here at Celly.

As someone with experience in organizing and managing many events during my time in college, I find myself wishing I had found out about Celly a long time ago. Communication between team members and volunteers was probably the most important aspect of event planning, but also the most difficult to execute. Initiating conversations with interested volunteers or keeping the community engaged and updated with our progress was always done through less-than-ideal methods, such as postering and flyers, or large-scale announcements. While these methods allowed us to spread information quickly and effectively, they didn’t allow for real, two-way conversations to take place.

With Celly, I see a solution to that very problem. Celly creates the possibility of open and direct communication between like-minded individuals, and facilitates cooperation. It’s not only a solution to the organizational problems I had before, but offers new capabilities to planners like me to help move people to action. I’m excited to see what else we will be able to do for others with this platform, and I’m inspired by the possibilities we have to bring real, positive change to the lives of others.

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