Photo courtesy of Berik Cook

Photo courtesy of Berik Cook

Allan C. is one of the moderators of  r/alaska, a subreddit dedicated to all things Alaskan. The group actively uses Celly to communicate and schedule meet ups. You can find Allan on Reddit or Celly at his username sourdoughabc.

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Alaska.  It’s remote and full of natural beauty.  I love to get out and play in the outdoors hiking the mountains outside of Anchorage.  During our long winters Alaskans get stuck inside and spend a lot of time online, which is how I found Reddit.  I joined the local Reddit meetups and was introduced to Celly as away to organize local meetups.

How do you use Celly?

When I first tried celly I was unable to communicate via sms due to an issue with my carrier.  I messaged the Celly team and was offered the ability to try the beta version of the android app they were developing.  The app worked great and the team was very quick to respond to suggestions.  As our group grew we began using Celly as a way to share interests and media instantly.  We use it for instant messaging on our smartphones and to communicate with each other while we are working.

What do you like about it?

I like the versatility.  Your conversations transfer seamlessly from sms, to smartphone app to the web with no lost messages. We can look back through messages and switch from our group cell to a private message. The app designers are very approachable and quick to respond.

What new features would you like to see in Celly?It would be nice to be able to search old messages.  Sometimes when trying to find a message from a couple of days ago is difficult if there is a lot of activity.

How do you incorporate Celly into the rest of your social media life

Celly in an excellent add on to other forums.  It allows us to migrate groups from facebook, and Google + to one common messaging forum.  We can introduce people from different forums to those with common interests in other forums.

Thanks Allan!
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