Updates for both of the Celly apps are now available in the App Store and Google Play.

Android 2.0.004

Screenshot_2014-10-07-10-30-07Style Update

The Celly app now uses an action bar like other modern Android apps. We have also removed the tabs for cells. This speeds up the app and makes navigation more reliable/intuitive. The new layout should make it easier to get around and perform common actions. Let us know what you think!

Explore public cells  

There is a new explore button in the action bar that takes you to a world of public cells that Celly members have created. You can find cells nearby, or find cells based on any topic. If you want your cell advertised in the explore directory, just change the settings to “public on the web” and tag it with some hashtags. You can also view public cells here: https://cel.ly/explore

Enhanced Search

Search is now the way to join cells, add friends, and explore public cells. You can also quickly jump to a cell or private message conversation this way.

Voting in Surveys

The app now supports voting in quizzes/surveys that are sent out on the Celly website. This is coming to iOS soon, and already works on the web and SMS.

Bug Fixes

Lots of bug fixes for crashes and various issues with notifications.


iOS 1.23.0

IMG_0468Easier Curated Message Approval

There is now a dedicated on screen button in the message details view for approving a curated message.

Save Photo Attachments by Long-Pressing Photo

You can now save photos to your camera roll / gallery by long pressing them.


Fixed crash when removing member from cell

Fixed bug with uploading cover photo not working reliably

Fixes for  other crashes


More updates coming soon!

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