New Add-on App: Nucleus for Celly

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.16.09 PM Android app on Google PlayTo unlock Celly SMS in non-USA countries, we have built a new Celly add-on for Android called Nucleus. This app enables you to act as an SMS hub in environments where Celly’s regular SMS service doesn’t work. It also lets you take the burden of managing SMS limits and costs into your own hands.  This app is built with NGOs and international users in mind, and we’d love to here about your creative usages for it.  The basic premise is that you can turn an Android phone into an SMS gateway, sending and receiving messages from that phone instead of from Celly’s SMS provider. For more details, you can read this guide about setting up Nucleus for a community group, and this one about specific Nucleus setup info.

Thanks goes out to the hard work of the people at Ushahidi , whose SMSSync project this app is based on.

Web Updates

We have also updated our website with a few important items:

  • Better member management.
    • Remove members in bulk.
    • Choose whether or not removed members should be blocked from rejoining the cell.
    • See invited members.
    • See blocked members.
  • Animated GIFs now work automatically on the web.
  • SSL is now forced when using Celly, so all communications are secure.

New Android Update – please update!

  • International time zones (automatically). Our Android app now uses your phone’s local time zone, so there is no need to manage it in your profile. This means the Android app now supports all international time zones!
  • Wave quality indicator. Now when you are waving a cell or waving for nearby cells, you will see an indicator that tells you how well waving is working, and there are buttons to turn on GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Android app on Google Play


New iOS Update – please update!

  • iOS Simulator Screen shot May 12, 2014, 2.12.44 PMNative member management. Managing cell members on iOS used to be handled with an embedded webview, which didn’t fit our UI and didn’t have the ability to private message members. With this new update, we have a much better management experience, and you can private message members.
  • Tons of bug fixes.

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