Rachelle Poth is a Foreign Languages teacher at Riverview HS in Oakmont, PA. This is how she uses Celly: 

I use Celly to send reminders of what my students need for class if we have been on break, to tell students what they missed in class, and to send bonus questions and links to helpful resources.
My students rely on it heavily to ask questions after school about assignments and projects.  I have also used it for sending a quick poll or general question. The uses I have for it have increased greatly over the past 2 years and I am constantly finding new ways to use it.

How has Celly improved communication with your students?

It has increased student accountability for completing their work and made me more accessible when they have questions.  I can explain an assignment through it if they have questions when working on it after class time. It is fundamental to my language classes and the students that use it for communication.

What new features would you like to see added?

I like the features that Celly has now, it is much improved since I started using it 2 years ago, and I enjoyed using it then as well. The difference is that there are more options available.

What other new edtech tools have you found useful for teaching foreign languages?

I use many tools in my classes — Edmodo is my LMS, and I use it similar to Celly for being accessible to students, providing helpful links and posting important reminders and daily assignments. I use many web tools for assessment and also projects for students or discussion and backchannel tools.

For a list of edtech tools Rachelle is using, visit her Blendspace page. Or follow her on Twitter!


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