Mike Hladio is a small group teacher at Peters Creek Baptist Church and a public school educator in Pennsylvania.

Educator Mike Hladio initially adopted Celly for his classroom, but has since taken our service to his church. Intrigued, we asked him to write a little about his experience. Mr. Hladio has been a long time supporter of Celly and we’re very happy to have him on our blog!

Tell us about yourself.

I am a public school teacher, teaching 8th grade English for the past 13 years.  I have been leading a growing class of adults at Peters Creek Baptist Church since 2007.  We call ourselves the Travelers class.

Tell us about your church

Peters Creek Baptist Church is an historic Baptist church that is older than the nation, having been founded in 1773.  From its eight original charter members, PCBC has grown to a community of about 1000 weekly attenders with the mission of helping others discover purpose, promise, and hope in a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do you use Celly?

I discovered Celly as part of my regular exploration for technology tools to use in my classroom as a public school teacher.  I was looking for an alternative to expensive “clicker” systems for audience feedback, a simple way to take advantage of the technology my students already have.  When I discovered Celly, I thought it would be an effective addition to the Travelers class.

Once I saw success with Celly in my class, I started using it with other teaching opportunities.  Most of the Travelers are tech-savvy young professionals, but I taught an 8-week course with more diverse demographics.  One of the attendees in that class took Celly to his work with Youth for Christ/Campus Life, where they now use it to communicate with the hundreds of teenagers they bring to a summer conference in New Jersey.

How has Celly changed the way you interact? Were there any unexpected benefits or fun surprises?

Live polling gives us the chance to be honest with one another, and to have meaningful discussions about challenging issues. Celly is now a way that we communicate prayer concerns, celebrate milestones in our lives, and facilitate vibrant fellowship events.

Thanks Mike!

Get in touch on Twitter:
@mhladio20 – personal
@pcbctravelers – my church class
@peterscreek – PCBC church twitter page

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