800px-Family_playing_a_board_gamePerhaps you have an uncle who doesn’t use the internet. Maybe you don’t want grandma catching wind of your college shenanigans via Facebook. ┬áNeither of these is a problem with Celly, where you can create a private and customized network to stay in touch with family members. I use Celly to stay in touch with my immediate family (five people in five different states) and in the 10 months we’ve been using it, we have over 20,000 messages. Something about Celly’s versatility really increases communication-one sister is using the iPhone app, the other is on the Android app and my mom likes to use SMS text. Now we have daily group discussions, which has created a strong sense of cohesiveness and intimacy. We actively support each other whether we’re at work or at home and I go to our family cell when I need instant feedback.

Want to get a family network started? You can use Celly to:

  • Send out announcements about family related events like birthdays and weddings.
  • Stay in touch with greater ease. Families love Celly because it works across a variety of devices. That uncle who doesn’t use the internet? He can still send and receive messages via SMS text.
  • Create polls for family opinions about reunion spots or last night’s football game.
  • Send emergency alerts and updates. Family support is essential in times of crisis. Celly is a great way to stay updated and cell members can offer help with greater speed and ease.

Get started:

Sign up for Celly
How to invite others to your cell

How to create a group poll

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