waving-for-nearby-cells-android_smallOur latest app updates have just hit the App Store and Google Play. The most exciting new feature is called “waving” and it makes it really easy for you to share and discover cells with people nearby.

With waving you can start a cell and have all the people in the room  join instantly – no need to have them type in cell names or be invited. It’s really quite magical.

It works like this:

To share your cell, you just tap “wave this cell” , which has a little wave dash (tilde) as its icon.  Now your cell is open to anybody nearby while you stay on the waving screen. We share with people nearby by combining Bluetooth LE, GPS, and your WiFi network.

Members who want to join go to the add cell screen and click “wave for nearby cells”. If they are close by, your cell and its cover photo will popup on their screen. With one tap they can move to a landing page that describes your cell a bit better, and then one tap to join – waving bypasses any approval or password your cell has.


waving-with-new-members-smallThese new members then start to show up on your waving screen. When you are happy that they have all joined, you can leave the waving screen and start messaging.

This new feature unlocks a bunch of really fun usages, and we have some even more magic coming here soon – stay tuned.

This update focuses on improving sharing and sign up in the app, as well as fixing some bugs.

Other items in this update:

  • You can now type in a cell name to join or start right when you install the app, before you signup or login. This means you can tell people “Install Celly and then enter yourCellName” – it’s the first screen they’ll see.
  • Optimized sign up flow. We have made signup quicker, easier, and less error prone.
  • Simplified sharing screen – just three options to share a cell now: invite, post, or wave.
  • New cell landing page for cells you are trying to join. Describes the cell, shows you the cover photo, and lets you know more about it before you join.
  • The iOS app can now launch links to cells and golden tickets, so you can click a link to a cell and open it right in the app.
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes.

Go install the app now in App Store or Google Play.

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