44263_533714921010_996024_n Matt is an honorary Celly member (he's designing some of our avatars!). We asked him to write a little bit about himself. Thanks Matt!

Hello! My name is Matthew Lewis and I’ve always loved technology. The word conjures whirring fans and power supplies, the gentle clicks of hard drives and the welcoming glow of monitors in the dark. My earliest memory of “technology” was doodling on stacks of printer paper and listening to Vanilla Ice’s 1989 hit “Ice Ice Baby”. I was a cool 5 year old. I would scrawl all over the connected sheets and pull apart the dotted guides on the sides (I need no guides!!).

I graduated from Portland State University in 2012 and proceeded to claw my way through the quagmire of post-graduate actualization (guides may have been useful here.)

I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to be a lawyer, a journalist, an astronaut! If it sounds like I was freaking out, it’s because I was (something cool happened, keep reading!). I wanted, without knowing it, an amalgamation of all the things that are at the core of these disciplines. The pioneering spirit of the astronaut, an artist’s vision, the discipline and lingo-sling of a lawyer. I was scrambling, grappling. Choose. Not fast enough. Running out of time. Quarter-life crisis! Then I met Celly (that’s the cool thing!). Through chats with co-founders, Greg and Russell I learned about the world of tech and I learned to chill. I’m happy I met them. Change your world, change the world. Celly embodies everything I wanted in those other jobs. The people who work there, the work they’re doing, why they’re doing it. I never imagined coding, or pursuing graphic design but now I know these are the paths to my future. My future will be a fusion of all my great loves.

I didn't expect a career in tech. I was given my first laptop as a gift two years ago. It’s an old Toshiba Sattelite A665 and I love it to pieces (my girlfriend likes to “joke” that it was a pile of rocks in its past life). I type 80 wpm, which by today’s standards is only slightly better than your grandpa can type (no offense, grandpas!). I’m a political science major. I know more about Ronald Dworkin than I do about Steve Jobs. Despite all this, I’ve come a long way from doodling on connected sheets.

I’m studying code. I photoshop everyday, creating and learning. I’m really happy. It’s a long road, but I got this.


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Some of Matt's characters:


This is Jiro (think Jiro Dreams of Sushi)


Inspired by a friend

Work mode!

Work mode!

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